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The name Sphinx has been derived from Sphinx Soccer Club, which was owned & managed by Waghray brothers Dheeraj and Vikram in 1994.

Owning a club without financial resources was a big challenge, and thus to fund their initiative, Dheeraj & Vikram planned a fund raising event by organising an Inter Collegiate Fashion and Dance competition. And it clicked! The club raised funds and Dheeraj & Vikram got an avenue for business!

That day of September 22nd “Sphinx Entertainment” was born in the city of Pune, India and we embarked upon our eventful journey which is continuing to this day! ‘Specialization is the key to globalization’ – with this ideology in mind, Sphinx started its Middle East operations in Dubai, followed by setting up regional headquarter for ASEAN region in Singapore.

From Sphinx Entertainment (1995, India) to Sphinx Adonis Events International INC (2020, America) and our recent set up of the UK company, it’s been a great journey and its reflects on the evolution & realization of our dreams of being a global specialist in groundbreaking & grand opening ceremonies.


Vikram Waghray

President & CEO
Sphinx Adonis Events International

UK +44 7384448437

US +1 8486671191


Our specialization in a very niche sector differentiates us in this competitive events industry. Clients benefit from SPHINX’s multinational footprint and diverse perspectives to deliver programs to global audiences while tailoring them to the needs of regional populations.

We are excited to be here in the United States and look forward to support companies in their path of growth as they invest in and contribute to the local economy by way of Foreign Direct Investments, setting up manufacturing plants, distributions networks, warehouses, R&D centers across businesses and industry verticals. Our aim is to deliver value for money and establish a trusted partnership by making each transaction a memorable experience.

With us no worry, no tension, no nightmares & no surprises !

You just enjoy your event.

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